Hallmark Homes Inc.

Just seem to be down to earth, blue collar, sincere group of people.
I appreciate the communication that we have had and quality of their homes that they produce.

— Carl Dacar

We have built two homes with Hallmark homes and would Highly recommend them. Their attention to detail, quality, and professionalism is what made the building process so exceptionally easy and enjoyable. They were always there whenever we had questions and were willing to work with us on changes and answered every question we had.
Wish I could give more then 5 stars ⭐️
Thank you Hallmark Homes

— Brandon Costa

If you’re looking for a great builder that can think outside the box and makes sure the client is in the loop with EVERY detail, this is the one!

— Mary Shelkey

I had the pleasure of using Hallmark Homes for multiple hone builds. They are a team/company of the utmost integrity. They go above and beyond to service their clients. Trustworthy and transparent are terms to describe them. There are no surprises at the end as their communication during the process is exceptional. They make homebuilding enjoyable. The BEST of the BEST!

— Garret Senger

Each year we’d attend the Parade of Homes and always be drawn to the unique and distinct style of Hallmark Homes. However, building a house wasn’t something we were interested in because we had heard so many horror stories. After over two years of searching for a new home to meet our growing family’s needs, we nervously decided to bite the bullet and build the house we wanted. From our very first meeting with Scott, we were confident and comfortable we made the right decision to build with Hallmark and those feelings only grew after continuing through the process. Stress-free and enjoyable are two words we never thought we’d use to describe building a house, but Scott and Vicki made it just that. Not only did they build us an extraordinary home, but the house was finished weeks ahead of schedule. It is obvious they only work with the best contractors and only accept the highest quality of work. They involved us in every step of the process and we never felt “in the dark” about anything. Yes, they’re experts at their craft, but they are also kind, honest, and genuine people. From going to swearing to never build a house, to now swearing we’ll never build another house without Hallmark Homes (which we plan to do someday), we could not be more pleased with our beautiful home!

— Lindsey Lauf Peterson

We just moved into our second custom home built by Hallmark Homes and absolutely love it! They care, pay attention to detail, and never make you feel like a crazy person! (This is important when building a house) We love Scott, Vicki, Leevi, and the entire crew! Thank you again!!!

— Stasia Mitzel

We have known Scott and Vicki for 20 years. When we decided to make a move to the country, we knew exactly the team to go to. Hallmark and their subcontractors built a modern farm house and shop that turned out better than we dreamed of. We have room for family, friends, and a few 4 legged critters indoors and out.

— Celeste Burke

Hallmark Homes was wonderful to work with and built us a truly beautiful home! Scott and Vicki put such care and time into every detail. They communicated well and kept us involved throughout the entire process. They are also one of the nicest couples. We appreciate everything and love our Hallmark home! We would recommend them to anyone looking to build their next home.

— Megan Jundt

I cant recommend Hallmark homes enough. Scott and Vicki are amazing builders, but also amazing people. When we went into this process we wanted to interview multiple builders because we were at a point in our lives where we wanted to build our forever home. When we sat down with Scott and Vicki I knew right away they were a wonderful fit for us. I’m fact when we talked out the door I said to my wife “They are who I want to work with ” she agreed 100%. I’ll try and hit on all the qualities people probably want to hear about when looking for a builder, but ill be honest if I listed everything about them we loved id either run out of characters or book printing companies would contact me about publishing the novel I wrote haha.
First and foremost they care. They care about the quality, they care about you getting what you want and they care about you. When we set out on this journey we had all these things in our heads about our dream house. When it was finished they made our dream house in our heads pale in comparison to the one they actually built. They go above and beyond in every aspect to make sure you not only get exactly what you want, but in fact you get more.
Second, no matter how wonderful the builders are as people (Scott, Vicki, and their son are the absolute best) you still want the highest quality work obviously. With Hallmark you get that. Their subcontractors are a great group of people who take pride in what they do and the results speak for themselves. Every single aspect of our home was done with precision and you could tell there was a perfectionist level of attention to detail. If there was ever even a minor imperfection along the way it never was imperfect long as Scott was all over making sure that it became perfect. I cant compliment the quality enough.
Third is going above and beyond. I think so often you can get builders or any profession where once you sign off on something that is exactly what you’re going to get. By that I mean if you like the blueprint then great we are going to build exactly that. Well with Scott and Vicki that isn’t the case. As construction is being done and you’re in the structure things on paper may not make as much sense and so even if it is more work a wall will get moved here, a door change there, and on and on. I’m not kidding when I say I bet their were hundreds of things changed that only created more work for them, but Scott wanted it exactly right. They all added up to make a night and day difference in our home. I could add so much more detail on this aspect of it about them, but again I have to reign it in so you don’t fall asleep reading my review.
The last thing I’ll mention is the process of working with them. A lot of people don’t build or regret building because of the stress. Marriages struggle, fights had, regrets, and on and on. With them not once did we feel uncomfortable, not once did we feel stress, not once did we feel unheard, and we never ever felt anything but joy the whole process. We had so much fun building this house and building it with them. I’m not lying when I say there was a part of me was sad when they handed over the keys as we wouldn’t be in contact as much with them. They just always wanted us happy and I could tell it brought them so much joy to see how excited we were with everything. I honestly feel like they treated this build like they were building their own dream house. In a way they will always be a part of this place as they’ve stamped their passion and care all over this house. I have a hard time at this point referring to them as builders when friends is more fitting.
Lastly I’ll say their son Levi is part of the whole process too and is a jack of all trades. He carries on that passion for what he does and is a great guy.
So all in all Scott and Vicki with Hallmark homes are both so talented, helpful and caring. Anyone that builds with them will be left with not only an amazing home, but an amazing experience.

— Brandon Wagner

Team Hallmark,
We can’t begin to thank you enough for all you did in building our forever home, your relentless pursuit to make sure every detail was perfect was inspiring and greatly appreciated!

We never imagined building could be so seamless and fun. Your years of experience and passion for home building shined as you diligently worked with us every step of the way.

More importantly though, you’re not just great home designers/builders, you’re great people! Thank you so much for all you continue to do to make this a great home!

— Rob ‘n Lisa Pfennig

Finding a reliable, talented, and hardworking builder can be a daunting task when looking to build your dream home. After touring several parade of homes throughout the years, we always gravitated towards Hallmark Homes. Not only do their homes showcase craftsmanship, but Scott and Vicki put their heart and soul into building homes.
During our consultation visits, Scott wanted to ensure we covered every detail that would create our forever home. Vicki was there every step of the way when it came to picking out all the details such as: plumbing, lighting, flooring, and cabinets. Scott and Vicki encouraged us to make the home special and unique by building our own stair railing, metal window, metal movie countertop, and metal bar table. To this day, we appreciate them for allowing us to be creative and making the home ours.
While our dream home was being constructed, Scott and Vicki ensured we were involved in the decision making process. (Even down to the kitchen island placement and whirlpool faucet location) All these decisions were difficult and overwhelming; therefore, we would change our minds all the time. Of course, they provided their professional input to guarantee we made the best choices. Plus, their patience and guidance were greatly appreciated throughout this entire process.
When it came down to the finish work, Scott and Vicki had impeccable attention to detail due to their amazing eye for craftsmanship. If something could be improved, they were the first to recognize and bring it to our attention.
Once everything is unpacked, you’ll realize how lucky your family has become to create new memories in an amazing Hallmark Home. If questions should arise, Scott and Vicki are right there providing their professional assistance and ensuring you’re at HOME!
From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for building our dream home. BEST HOME BUILDERS EVER!!!

— Robert and Kristi Tetzloff

I saw on FB you added another new home owner to the list, congratulations. It sparked the desire to e-mail you and once again thank you for the work you did on our house. I know we have thanked you before, but I don’t think we can truly express our gratitude to you for building our house. I truly hope you know how special you are and that you are by far the exception when it comes to providing excellent service. I have heard from friends regarding the problems they have with their builders and how they hate the building process. This seems to be the norm in the industry, not the exception. I am thankful we can look back and enjoy every part of the building process. Our only regret is that you built us our perfect dream home on the first try so we do not have the desire to build again (unless of course I win the Powerball tonight). I just wanted to express my gratitude and let you know how truly special and exceptional you both are in this business. I wish you continued success.

— Paul Sanderson

Leslie and I would like to say a huge “Thank You” for building our dream home in Garrison. The home turned out to be everything we imagined and could not have been accomplished without your expertise and team of sub-contractors that were superb during this process.

When looking for a contractor, Leslie and I performed our research, and additionally some friends highly recommended Hallmark Homes after you had completed homes for them. From our first encounter Leslie and I knew that Hallmark Homes was the right fit for us. We have and will continue to recommend your team to anyone looking for a truly custom built home. Hallmark Homes went above and beyond our expectations in building our home not only for Leslie and me, but incorporating our furry children (Lindy, Lexus and Laci) into the design was unbelievably awesome. Your team always answered our questions in a timely and efficient manner and left no stone unturned to provide the solutions. The journey of home building can be daunting at times, but there was no stress or duress during this journey, as the Hallmark Homes team is professional, courteous and above all is an honest and integrity driven home construction company.

As a final personal note: Leslie and I are more than grateful for your recognition of my service and the bench that your team placed in our landscaping is truly breathtaking and beautiful. Your deep sense of pride for the military permeates throughout your company and I sincerely express my gratitude for thinking of this during our home construction.

— J.P. and Leslie Moszer Lindy, Lexus, Laci

Dear Scott and Vicki- We want to take a moment to thank you for all that you and your team have done to make the experience of building our home a pleasant one. The quality of this home is second to none. From day one you focused on building this home for US. Throughout the whole process you worked closely with us, kept us well informed and addressed every concern quickly and professionally. Vicki, your help and advice with all the interior choices was beyond helpful and much appreciated. We look forward to sharing our beautiful home with our family and friends and know there will be many great memories.

— Dan and Deb

We are extremely grateful we had Hallmark Homes as the builder of our amazing new home. They have been an absolute pleasure to work with and the results of their work could not be of higher quality. They made a potentially agonizing and stressful process enjoyable, exciting, and virtually seamless. Their dedication to fulfill all of our requests (regardless how minor or crazy they were) is a true testament to their willingness to go above and beyond. Scott and Vicki always were very informative, honest, patient and overall just fun to work with. The subcontractors were excellent and we moved in weeks ahead of schedule. We absolutely love the finished product and could not imagine a better building experience than the one we had. We would recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone looking to build a high-quality custom home!

— The Lawlers

For years, we would partake in the HBA Parade of Homes and were in awe of all the newly built homes…but each year, we gravitated to the designs and craftsmanship of the homes built by Hallmark Homes. Now, after years of admiring their newly built homes, we are admiring our newly built Hallmark home! Scott and Vicki made the entire building process appear seamless and effortless, from lot selection to home design, appearance, and building processes. We were always well-informed as to the various building stages and our options. We don’t hesitate at all when asked if we would build a home again with Scott and Vicki…the answer is an overwhelming “YES.” We recommend them 100% and love our Hallmark home!

— Paul and Lori

We just completed our home with Hallmark Homes a few weeks ago. I can not express to you enough in this small review just how happy we are with the finished product! Scott and Vicki were so easy to deal with, and they made every step of the process enjoyable. From the very first visit, all the way until completion, they made us feel like everything was about us and what we wanted, to make this a truly custom home. We had built another house 3 years ago, so we felt like we were very educated on the building process, and made sure to look over everything with a fine tooth comb. Scott and Vicki encouraged us to be at the house during the process as much as we wanted, and also told us to ask any questions or point out anything during the construction that we were unsure about. That made us feel like we were a part of the project. I also want to point out that many times Scott would call us and ask if we told a contractor to do something a certain way because he wanted to be sure it was what we wanted. If it was the way we wanted great, if not he would call the contractor and tell them to come back and do it again. The attention to detail that they paid to this house project was incredible, and because of that we got a house that we are so proud of, and feel like the quality and craftsmanship is second to none!! Their availability was also something to be praised. They were always available either by phone, or email, even on a Friday evening at 10 PM to calm down a customer and assure her that they would make a change by adding a few windows to the front of our home to complete a look that we felt like we may have overlooked! I definitely feel like most builders would not have done that!! If you and your family are looking to build a home, Scott and Vicki Moran are the people to call. We would be comfortable sending our closest friends and relatives to do business with them, in fact, we would insist on it. They build the highest quality homes that people are proud to go home to each and every day. I know we sure are!! Thanks again to Scott and Vicki!

— Meyhoff Family

We wanted to build a summer home in the Bismarck area and contacted several builders until an acquaintance recommended Hallmark Homes. We never looked any further….we knew we had finally found the right builder. We also knew it would be a challenge building a home “long-distance”, however, Scott and Vicki made it stress-free. There was constant communication, pictures, emails etc . from them and we were never in doubt about what was happening in our home. Timelines were closely followed and met by them and all contractors. After the house was completed and we saw it for the first time, it exceeded our expectations – even though we were kept “in the loop” on everything. Living for a few years away from the area, we were not used to seeing the quality that was clearly put into our house. We can absolutely recommend Hallmark Homes to be your builder, without reservation!

— Dave

Words alone cannot express the gratitude we have for Scott and Vicki of Hallmark Homes. Their knowledge and expertise from start to finish far exceeded our expectations. Our journey with them began about 5 years before we even built our home when we met for the first time at a Parade of Homes tour. We loved the unique architecture yet completely livable spaces that they created. We followed them for 5 years and they took the time to visit with us at every home we visited during that time-not once pushing us away even though they knew we were not ready. When we were finally ready to build, they were there to help us from lot purchase to closing day and beyond. So much time and effort were put into every detail from the hinges on the doors to the complete layout of the home. They took our wants and needs and put it together perfectly. We love our home and couldn’t be happier!

— Cdarras

Dear Scott and Vicki, Many people say that building a house is one of the most stressful things in life. Those people obviously did not build with Hallmark! Building with you was one of the most fun and exciting things we have done. People also say you have to build one house so you can get it right the second time building. Not true with Hallmark! With your help, we got it right the first time. You listened to what we needed and wanted and told us what we didn’t even know we needed, which resulted in a house that is perfect for us. The most important thing for us was finding a builder we could trust. At our very first meeting, we really felt that we could trust you and you did not disappoint. It was clear during the entire building process that you have the highest level of integrity and honesty. We always felt like you had our best interests at heart and we never felt “surprised” by hidden costs or things not included. You treated us absolutely fairly. Your passion for building really came through. Your input and guidance on the design of our house were invaluable. You helped us refine our list of wants and needs and gave us ideas that fit our family perfectly. Your excitement for coming up with both fun and practical ideas was great. We also could never have picked all the finishes that work so well together without your help and guidance. Having you with us picking out selections and then reviewing them together was a huge asset. We know you had other projects going on but we never felt like it. We really appreciated your personal service and attention to us. You take great pride in the craftsmanship of your homes. We also cannot say enough about your great subcontractors. They were all established and reputable businesses with guys who really care about their work and who take pride in a job well done. We could relax very early on knowing that you do things the right way. Knowing that you used high-quality materials, great subs and that you didn’t cut corners to save a buck is very comforting. The entire construction process moved smoothly without the delays or the horror stories we have all heard. It was very reassuring to see somebody on site doing something virtually every day. We are very grateful you built for us. You care about the homes you build and the people who will live in them. We have no doubt you are the best builder in Bismarck and you earned every penny. We knew the house was going to be nice, but you blew us away with the finished product. You met and exceeded all expectations. The house is stunning and is our dream home. We look forward to raising the kids there and making lots of great memories. If we ever build again, you will be our first call for sure and we will continue to enthusiastically refer people who ask us about building to you. We would be happy to serve as a reference for you for future customers and are happy to show people the work you did for us.

— The Nelsons

Quality work, reasonable price, delivery on time, best advice. Best of all great people to work with who involve you in building your dream home.

— The Massy’s

We were moving to Bismarck in May of 2014 and had some time to have a house built for us. We met with a few builders, Scott and Vicki were the first people we met with. When we left that meeting we knew right away they were the people we wanted to build our house with, and our experience only got better! We lived out of town so we were not able to go to the house often during the construction. We got at least weekly updates and we were always kept informed about what was going on. Whenever we were able to visit the house during construction we always left with a feeling that it was better than we expected! We are so happy with our home and with Scott and Vicki’ s ideas. The house is perfect for our family. Scott and Vicki were so easy to work with and it was always fun to have Vicki helping us pick out things for the interior! We have a beautiful high-quality house that we are proud of. Scott and Vicki went beyond all of our expectations!

— Roth Family

Working with Hallmark was our best decision. They made our project fun and easy. Their professionalism was phenomenal! The quality of their work shows in our beautiful home. Their entire team is exceptional in what they do and the relationships we made will never be forgotten. We recommend Hallmark when ever it presents.

— Michelle & Rod Sandvig

We chose Hallmark Homes for our 3rd home building experience after extensive research and personal recommendations. We found Hallmark to be second to none in all areas of home building. The quality of materials, workmanship, and fabulous communication was second to none. Their ability to consider all ideas presented was remarkable. Not only were they excellent listeners but they were encouraging and added so much creativity to our concepts. They brought our ideas to fruition. We now have what we consider to be one of the nicest homes in the area.

— Fred and Kay Karnik

We decided to go with Scott and Vicki after seeing their work at a Parade of Homes event and getting a recommendation from an acquaintance of ours. They did not disappoint! They worked with us through the design phase and included us in every step of the way with the building process. They built us an amazing home and finished on budget and ahead of schedule. They have always followed up with us immediately, even after we moved into our home. I would recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone who wanted an amazing home and a stress-free building experience.

— Quinn Family

We can’t say enough good things about Scott & Vicki at Hallmark Homes. They had been recommended to us by multiple people, and for good reason. They were unbelievably attentive, helpful, knowledgeable, and honest during our building process. They use the best sub-contractors and don’t compromise to make the job quicker or easier for them. We are 100% pleased with the job they did and would absolutely build with them again. Our neighbors also told us after we moved in how professional they were and how clean they kept our lot during the build process. If you are in the market for a new home in the Bismarck area, PLEASE do yourself a favor and contact Hallmark Homes.

— Nathan Stewart

My husband and I never expected we would be building a new home at this point in our lives. In 2010 our lives were forever changed when he was in a severe automobile accident that left him with some physical limitations. This event caused us to think about the need for a one level home. This is where Hallmark Homes which is owned by Scott and Vicki Moran entered our lives. We met with Scott and Vicki with a primitive pencil drawing of our idea of a dream home.They took our ideas and patiently worked and reworked the plans until they became a perfect fit. We thoroughly enjoyed the process from start to finish. Scott and Vicki communicated well and most importantly they never gave up on our ideas until we were satisfied with the end result. They made us feel like our dream was their main priority and they weren’t satisfied until we had exactly what we wanted.

Scott and Vicki surround themselves with a talented crew that puts together a beautiful end result. A home built by Hallmark can be recognized by the unique and detailed design. From the arched doorways to the coffered ceilings; their homes stand apart from other builders. They pay attention to the little things which made us relax and enjoy the experience. We especially appreciated having Vicki’s input as we chose fixtures and details for the interior. This took away much of the second guessing and anxiety.

We are totally thrilled with our home. Both of us would enthusiastically recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone wanting to build a custom home that will be your “dream home”.

— Melinda

In 2007 we built a new home using Hallmark Homes. This is the fourth home we have built over the years. Scott was very good to work with giving us great ideas and helping us design what was important to us. We are very satisfied with the quality and the level of professionalism by the sub contractors and Scott was available to make sure it was done right. Vicki was very helpful in picking out interior colors and lighting. This was by far our best experience of working with a home builder and we would use them again without question. We highly recommend Hallmark Homes.

— Larry & Pat Fuller

In the winter of 2004, we were looking to buy an existing home because we did not want the stress of building. That is when we met Scott and Vicki Moran of Hallmark Homes. We looked at one of his spec homes and liked the quality but wanted a different floor plan to suit our needs. Scott was very helpful to us when trying to find a floor plan to sell our existing home. He spent countless hours with us perfecting the plan, looking for a lot and even helping us stay within our budget. Scott is easy to reach when you have questions. We are very happy with our custom high quality home and the friendship we developed with Scott and Vicki in the process. Family and friends of ours have also built with Hallmark homes and were very satisfied.

— Russ & Jill Sailer

We wanted an energy efficient home. There were two basic things we needed to consider well before the first shovel of dirt was removed. First was the preparation for and installation of a geothermal heating system, which included the proper number of wells to accommodate the size of the house. Our second requirement was a radon removal system which is built into a system of tubes beneath the basement cement and routing to a ventilating fan to remove radon if necessary. We couldn’t be happier with the results of our home, due to the services of Hallmark Homes, Inc.

— Jim & Karen Bonnet

We built a home with Hallmark Homes during 2007 – 2008 year. We were very pleased with the process. Hallmark Homes will guide you through their subcontractors and help you choose decorating subcontractors. The subcontractors they work with are reliable and have excellent workmanship. The quality of the workmanship is timely and of high standards. Hallmark Homes is open-minded to new ideas and ways of constructing a home. They have excellent communication, are very reasonable to work with and pride themselves in a job well done. I strongly recommend Hallmark Homes for your next construction project. You will not be disappointed.

— Nadine & Steve Butts

We were so blessed to find Hallmark Homes. The entire home building process was scary to us as we did not have good luck with building our first home. The first time I met with Vicki I knew that this would be a wonderful experience. She knew what our house should entail to fit our growing families needs. Working with Scott was also a great experience. He guided us through the entire process and we were impressed on how gracefully things went. We were able to move in the day that was given to us, which was a dream come true. We love our house, although we could use more room. In fact we had such a rewarding experience with Hallmark Homes they are working on a new project for us. Thank you for building us our lovely home.

— Bruce, Norma, Allyson, Alexander & Gracelyn Geiger

As first time home buyers/builders, we were not sure what to expect from this experience… Hallmark Homes made it easy. Scott and Vicki were there for every step of the building process to guide us in the right direction to build our perfect home. We could not be happier with the quality of our home and the decision to make Hallmark Homes a part of it.

— Nick & Brandi Bear

Hallmark homes is a very customer oriented builder that will meet or exceed all of your home building needs. Scott is a very detail specific general contractor and is not happy until the future home owner is happy. We would gladly recommend Scott and Vicki to any family and friends that are looking to build.

— Travis & Janel Sailer

When we decided to build a home in 2008, we chose Hallmark Homes as our contractor. After meeting with Scott, we felt he really paid attention to finding a floor plan that would not only meet our budget but also provide us everything we wanted in a home within that budget. From start to finish we were impressed with the professional attitude and cooperation we experienced while working with Scott and Vicki. We felt that they really went the extra mile to ensure we got exactly what we wanted and that they were very flexible in working with our changes throughout the process. We were also impressed with Scott being on-site frequently throughout the process and how both Scott and Vicki paid attention to even the smallest details. Every question and concern was addressed and we were not kept in the dark about any part of the home-building process. As a result, we feel we have a high quality, custom-built home which we hope to enjoy living in for many years to come!

— Jason & Sara Gerving

Scott and Vicki Moran were a joy to work with. They listened to our ideas and gave suggestions from their years of experience. If you are looking for a quality built home with attention to details, Hallmark Homes are the builders for you! I will build 10 houses with them!

— Kori Erikson

The quality and attention to detail from Hallmark Homes goes above and beyond what we would have expected. Any questions we may have had have always been answered quickly and we wouldn’t hesitate to have Hallmark Homes build for us again! We have been very happy with everything.

— Kim & Marcy Ekre

We are very happy with our New home and would highly recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone who is planning to build. Building our home with Hallmark Homes was a rewarding experience. Scott was with us during every phase of the building process. When there were decisions to be made he would steer us in the right direction. The Sub contractors Hallmark Homes have were very friendly, they took pride in their work and wanted to make sure we were satisfied. We would recommend Scott & Vicki of Hallmark Homes to anyone. Thank you for everything!

— Dan & Corrine Thiele

We would recommend Hallmark Homes for anyone who is planning on building a new home. They were always willing to listen to our ideas and work with them. We were very impressed with their quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Their willingness to ensure that we were 100% satisfied with all details and outcome of the project was an indication of their excellent customer service. After the closing they were very responsive to any follow-up on items that needed correcting beyond what they were responsible for. They made the whole process enjoyable and if we were to build in the future, we would choose Hallmark Homes again as the contractor.

— Randy & Daphne

We went to Scott at Hallmark Homes when we decided to build our one and only new house. We had not found a house plan we liked and went only with a list of wishes. Scott really listened to us, and went to work to create the home of our dreams. We had always heard that building was one of the most stressful things you can do. That is not at all what we found in working with Hallmark Homes. Scott had a schedule for everything and guided us through the process without us ever becoming overwhelmed with all the decisions. Scott surrounds himself with a great group of contractors that took real pride in their accomplishments. They were willing to try some “out of the box” ideas and often added some professional and insightful advice of their own. The entire process was fun and exciting and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product. We whole heartedly recommend you check out Hallmark Homes if your are building the home of your dreams.

— Wayne & Ellen Jacobson

Being new to the Bismarck/Mandan area, we wanted to build a home but didn’t know much about the area contractors. After touring the Parade of Homes, we knew that Hallmark Homes was the contractor for us. During our construction Scott and Vicki were with us every step of the way, from selecting the floor plan to choosing the hardware for our cabinets. They met the deadlines and made us feel very welcomed to watch the progress as our home was being constructed. We are very happy with our home and would certainly use Hallmark Homes again if the opportunity exists.

— Lance & Dawn Roness

This was the first home we built. We were skeptical about it, due to the many horror stories we heard. People have even divorced after building a home together! Well, Scott made it easy. The experience was fun, exciting, and memorable. Scott was easy to work with; he had great ideas, was open to suggestions, and helped us stay within the budget. He was always looking out for us. As a matter of fact, if we ever build again he will be our builder; that’s how pleased we were. We are very thankful to Scott and Vicki; in our case, our business relationship turned into a friendship. Thanks!

— Lance & Myla Wescom

We were introduced to Scott & Vicki Moran with Hallmark Homes, Inc. by our real estate agent, Shirley Thomas. After planning a move to the Bismarck area from Wyoming we were unable to find a home with the design and price range we were looking for. Scott & Vicki came up with a set of blueprints and a lot that we could use and we decided to build. After making some changes in the plans we went looking for financing. Shirley & the Morans recommended Dakota Community Bank. We applied and were approved. We can’t say enough about the attitude and demeanor of the people working there. Building a house while living out of state is not easy but Scott & Vicki made it seem that way. They have excellent experienced crews and the subcontractors were very helpful. The quality of their work shows in the house. We love our house and area and we have had a lot of positive comments on it. The quality is due to Scott & Vicki. Every chance we get we recommend HALLMARK HOMES, INC.

— Carlon & Janet Anderson

The care and effort that Scott and Vicki provided in the construction of our home brought our dreams to life. Their diligence and understanding of the construction process is unsurpassed and in all cases exceeded our expectations.

— Dave & Gloria Magdefrau

We are very happy with our new home and would highly recommend Scott and Vicki to anyone looking to build. We had a wonderful experience working with Hallmark Homes. Scott was very easy to work with and made sure that we were always satisfied with every step along the way. Vicki was so helpful with questions we had with the interior. The quality of their homes is amazing and we are very lucky to have found them when we were looking for a builder. Even the subcontractors were wonderful to work with. The entire process was just so easy and we got a home that fits our family perfect.

— Grady & Daphne Borth

When we decided to build with Scott and Vicki we were not actively looking to build a new home. We walked through their showcase home in the 2010 parade of homes and instantly fell in love with the floor plan and design of the home. However, we had a home we built 4 years prior and really weren’t in the market to “re-build” that quickly. Visiting with Scott and Vicki we made them well aware of our situation and made it clear that we didn’t want to enter into a situation where we had to make a double mortgage payment. We also didn’t want to have them do a bunch of paperwork “expecting” us to sign any agreements. Scott and Vicki fully understood where we were coming from and were very happy to do any and all paper work/house planning, but NEVER made us feel pressured one bit. Situations arose that we sold our home in one showing so we were able to enter into contract with Hallmark Homes. It was a decision we will never regret. We visited with a few other home builders but we could not find the quality, the design or the ability to understand what our needs were. I had ideas of a custom bar counter top with a display that Scott helped make work perfectly. Also, We wanted a movie theater area off the bar to entertain our friends and Hallmark made it better than we thought it could have. We have been in our home almost a year now and have loved it every day. We have had a few minor call back issues that have been taken care of in a fashion that exceeds our expectations. We are so very pleased to have built with Scott and Vicki that I have referred 3 friends since then and will build our next home with them once again.

— The Dollingers

Scott and Vicki were helpful in every phase of our building process. They answered all of our numerous questions and gave us great advice. They were always just a phone call away. They became friends, but most of all they listened to us and built a quality, well built, beautiful home. Hallmark Homes is the only builder we would ever recommend or ever use again.

— Leo & Vicki Heinrich

We chose to Build with Hallmark Homes because of their reputation. We had heard so many positive comments from people that had built with them not only about their craftsmanship, but also about how much fun they had during the building process. Scott and Vicki really take the time to get to know their clients and listen to their ideas. After meeting with Scott and Vicki, and several other builders, it was very clear to us that they were the only builder we who embraced our vision of what we wanted in our new home. Our experience was that the other builders wanted to build a spec home and only incorporate a portion of what we had wanted. I don’t know how many times Scott and Vicki would say this is your home we’ll do what YOU want. They also were great about making suggestions and offering their knowledge when there was something we were unsure about. Bottom line is the experience was great, the home was completed early, and it turned out just the way we had envisioned it! Everyone who visits our home can’t get over how beautiful it is and how great the craftsmanship is. We are proud to say we live in a home built by Hallmark. We highly recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone who is looking for that personalized service where it is not just another home, it is YOUR home.

— Tony & Melanie

Hallmark Homes built our house last summer and it was a wonderful experience working with Vicki and Scott. They build a true custom home and helped walk us through whatever decisions we needed. When we had questions they were very prompt about getting back to us and helping us, plus they worked hard and got us in our home sooner than we had contracted. The quality and attention to details is excellent and I would recommend Hallmark Homes to anyone building a house. If we built another house we would call Scott & Vicki.

— Don & Delores Mitzel

We answer: “We live in a Hallmark Home,” when folks ask us where we live; did we buy a new home; or, who built our home? We happened to be in the right place at the right time, and fell in love with this home upon entering the front door! Unbeknownst to us, the gentleman who greeted us with a friendly smile was Scott Moran, the man behind Hallmark Homes. We were impressed with the sturdy structure, the common sense design, and the tasteful colors, textures and look of this home. It’s easy to see that these houses are built well and look nice—first impressions do matter. But, it’s the attention to details, the customer service, the follow-up phone calls, the checking-in, and the care AFTER THE DEAL IS DONE that has made a lasting impact on our decision to buy a Hallmark Home. Hallmark Homes, and specifically Scott & Vicki Moran, build good homes AND they care about the families who live in them. It’s become immediately apparent to our family that they pour more than just concrete and sheet rock into the homes they build. Yup, we’re very proud to tell people: “We live in a Hallmark Home.”

— Kathleen

We are very excited and happy to start our family’s future in our custom built home by Hallmark Homes. We considered building the home of our dreams for over 4 years. We attended many Parade of Homes to ensure we made the right decision on picking the builder that would be a pleasure to work with and create the custom designed the home of our dreams. From our first visit with Scott and Vicki 3 years prior to the start of our building process to the final steps, they were always a pleasure to work with. We were impressed with their commitment to quality and attention to details. They helped us understand different alternatives while always being willing to accomplish what we wanted. They were in constant communication with us during the entire process and strongly recommended us to bring any questions and concerns to their attention. They could be found on site with the contractors many times ensuring that the smallest details were followed. Not having an eye for interior design, Vicki’s knowledge and expertise in making interior selections were far better than we could have expected and very much appreciated. Her creativity and understanding of our needs created the perfect home. Since moving into our home, Scott, Vicki, and Mike have immediately addressed any follow-up issues. We never imagined that building a new house would be so easy and exciting at the same time for our whole family. We would definitely recommend Hallmark Homes and look forward to creating memories in our new home for the years to come.

— Mike and Linda