Custom Homes Bismarck

Hallmark Homes Inc.

What service does Hallmark Homes offer?

We are a local hometown builder that works with you to maneuver through the building process.   We offer a custom home building company that also offers a highly specialized service.  Unlike some homebuilders that may be spread thin between dozens of projects, large and small, we focus on constructing and working on a handful of projects at a time. This allows us to focus on every project and each client personally in addition to finishing your custom home on time.   Investing in discussions on how your family will use the space is imperative in achieving the perfect custom home.

Why custom homes are a good choice?

The number one reason to build a new home is that you can get exactly what you want with amenities and finishes that you love. Get the game room, safe room, theater, or gourmet kitchen you have always wanted.  Incorporating timeless design throughout a custom home allows you to enjoy your new home for years to come without having to worry about becoming outdated or trendy. 

Why build with Hallmark Homes?

At Hallmark Homes it is our reputation of honesty, hard work and dedication to quality  that has allowed us to build for the same family 3 times since 2002!  We have worked with multiple homeowners, not only to build their first, but also a second custom home over the years as well. Our vast knowledge of the home building industry ensures you are making informed decisions as you plan, build and make selections. We are accessible to answer all your questions. And we keep you up to date on progress throughout your build so you don’t have to wonder what is happening next. Most of all, we want you to enjoy the process of building your new home. Meeting and exceeding your expectations is our priority when you choose to partner with Hallmark Homes. When you think custom homebuilders in Bismarck and central North Dakota, think Hallmark Homes.